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Musicological studies and research was launched in 1946, much due to musicologist and folklorist Robert Smetana, who was also one of the “founding fathers” of Palacký University in Olomouc. The current department was re-opened in 1992.

The musicology programme of the Department of Musicology comprises, in addition to the standard historical, the following courses: theoretical and aesthetic disciplines in musical studies; acoustics; organology; ethnomusicology; music sociology; music psychology; theory of popular and jazz music; music criticism and popularization of music; instruction in playing the piano and participation in the Collegium Musicum; the basics of composing; computer music; instructions in foreign languages, including Latin and practical training. During the course of the two-year master’s degree programme, students can also study in teacher-training courses which enable them to become music teachers at secondary schools. It is possible to either study musicology as a single major degree programme or to combine it with other disciplines taught at the Faculty of Arts as a double-degree programme. Within musicology, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes are offered. The doctoral studies in the theory and history of music are designed so that candidates are provided space for the development of their own scientific focus as well as for the opportunity to update their knowledge of other disciplines and areas within musicology.

The Arts Studies bachelor programme focuses on the basic theories of all branches of the arts, the historical development of particular arts, the sociological problems of culture, and on the organization and management of cultural life. The courses in the Art Studies programme also take place at the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies and the Department of History of Art UP. 


Main research areas:

The history of music in Moravia; Czech music in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (including popular music and jazz); composers such as P. J. Vejvanovský, Z. Fibich, L. Janáček, V. Novák, P. Bořkovec, V. Trojan, J. Klusák; Baroque and Romantic organs in Moravia; military music; music for child choirs; aesthetics and semiotics; computer music from the point of view of musicology; critical editions of musical documents especially from the Kroměříž archive, such as Requiem Claudiae Imperatricis by Phillipus Jacobus Rittler.


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