International cooperation

Since the 90s, the Olomouc musicological department has had a close relationship to St Cloud State University in Minnesota (USA) for the Project Study Art and Music in the Czech Republic. A number of foreign specialists have taught and still teach at the department, especially in the field of ethnomusicology. In 2004-2005, Paul Christiansen was active at the department, and Greg Hurworth has been present there since 2008. Renowned international experts who have taught at the department in the past three years include names as Helmut Loos, Manuel Gervink, John Tyrrell, Jan Smaczny, Vladimir Strife, and Vincent Giroud. From the beginning of the academic year 2012/2013 the project ‘Expansion and Systematization of Instruction in World Languages’ has been running at the department.


International projects

Participation in the international project Musical Life in Euro­pe 1600-1900. Circulation, Institutions, Representation, conducted by the Euro­pean Science Foundation.

Participation in the project Musikerbriefe als Spiegel überregiona­ler Kulturbeziehungen in Mittel. und Osteuropa. Sponsored by the Musicological Institute of Leipzig University.

Participation in the project Musica migrans. Sponsored by the Musicological Institute of Leipzig University.

Co-operation with several European universities within the Erasmus international exchange programme – St. Etienne (France), Dresden, Halle, Leipzig (Germany), Maynooth (Ireland), Krakow (Poland), Bratislava (Slovakia).


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